Helping Hands


I wish I had a way of replaying an encounter that I knew was divine and trace back all of the steps and hands that were involved in orchestrating what to me was His Masterpiece.

At 1:52 pm today, I received a text from my good friend Misty asking for help.

The text read….

“The family of the mom and 2 yr old that was killed in the drunk driving accident is asking for donations for their burial. Would y’all like to donate?”

My response was of course Ryan and I will help. I left where I was with the intention of going home to figure it out, but instead dialed her number. She was already at the bank ready to head to the funeral home. I passed up my neighborhood and headed there as well.

When I got to the funeral home I was ahead of her and so I began to look for someone to help me. I didn’t have a name or who to talk to. There was no one in the lobby. I began searching for someone, anyone. As I made my way to the other side of the funeral home there on the floor was a penny and a dime.


I giggled to myself, took a picture, and sent it to her to tell her “Isley” was here. Her daughters favorite number was 10 and she also had been killed in a drunk driving accident. Misty always sees 11:11 on the clock and instantly thinks about her. I knew Isley had intervened for this family.

Still searching to find someone. No luck. But I did see an open office door, so I made my way creeping to find someone. No luck the office was empty but I heard someone talking. It was coming from the speaker in the office airing the homily from the chapel. The voice sounded familiar so I kept listening.

Finally it clicked when I heard the words “We were made for Heaven”. At the same moment my eyes found the vestment bag with the words “Deacon Barney”, our chaplain for Red Bird Ministries. Instantly I knew Andrea Beth was there too.


Wait.. there is more.

I leave the empty office still trying to find someone and to not interrupt the service that was being held in the Chapel. No one was around. I see a closed door that said office, so I quietly knocked. A lady answered, and I told her what I was there for.

She couldn’t help me but lead me to Leighann’s office. Leighann was so kind. She listened to why I was there and helped me with my donation. I wanted her to know why I was there so I told her about Red Bird. In the middle of that conversation Leighann tells that she lost a baby this past February. A beautiful tiny baby boy born way too early at only 17 weeks. Ron Jameson Artigue was named after his grandfather who had recently passed away.

Leighann and I chatted for over an hour. So many connections to the 11 cents I found. Her son was delivered on 2/11. She is going to a retreat in October that Red Bird is hosting 😊. After I shared my story, she told me that is my life since February. Our stories are so close to how we were grieving.

I asked for her number and email and I had to leave quickly to get Estelle from school.

When I got home, I texted her to save my number and I received the sweetest most humbling text from her.


Leighann and I are having lunch soon. Her husband wants to talk with Ryan and possibly attend the grieving dads retreat. How incredible is that!

She is why we said yes to this ministry. I’m in awe of how our little saints in Heaven petitioned on her behalf to move Heaven and earth for us to meet.

You don’t have to be extraordinary to lead others to Christ and help them to heal. It involves only a few simple steps:

  1. Love others more than yourself.

  2. Be open to where the Holy Spirit is leading you.

  3. Never stop living your faith.

“Whatever you do, you did it for me!” Matthew 25:40

Kelly Breaux