One "Yes" Changed Everything

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One “YES” changed everything.

A few Mondays ago, we were reminded of the beautiful gospel of the Annunciation. Where one yes changed the course of history.

A young girl, who had no idea what was happening to her, said “Yes” to the angel Gabriel to receive the spirit of God to create within her Our Lord and Savior.

I think about this often, about how young Mary was, only approximately 14 years old and especially in relation to my story of when we experienced our first loss.

When the angel Gabriel told Mary about Jesus, he also shared that Elizabeth was pregnant as well, and what did Mary do, she left in haste to see her cousin. She just wanted to be with her during this same life event, offering love and support.

I myself find this so true as a grieving mother when hearing about another grieving mother that has experienced the loss of a child, I just want to run to her and embrace her. To tell her we are here for her, to offer a shoulder to cry on, to cry with her, to love her. There is just something about just being there, to offer love and be a light.

Although I was older, I was only 25 years old when the twins were born, and when I lost Talon. I was so immature in the sense this could happen, that it totally blindsided us.

Today, when I look back, I’ve come so far. It’s been a while since we lost Talon and then Emma. I’m much wiser, and I feel I am better equip to understand what I went through even though at the time, it felt like I couldn’t possibly survived the grief. The loss of a child is crippling, and I still don’t know how I made it through those days, only divine grace makes any sense to me.

I gave a talk a few weeks back on what does “True Friendship” mean and actually look like, and I shared with the young girls abut Mary and Elizabeth’s relationship. In doing so, there was something that God laid on my heart about this beautiful model of friendship, but most importantly Mary’s Yes.

((((((((( BLIND OBDIENCE )))))))))))

Mary said yes not knowing or understanding what her Yes meant, but she gave it blindly and obediently. Her Yes changed everything for everyone after that moment. She trusted that God would use her for His glory. Although she was a little worried about the sudden appearance of an angel, Mary didn’t hesitate when she was asked by God to bear a son. She said yes immediately, and the next line in scripture says Mary ran to her cousin/friend.

How many times Lord have we said no without considering whose life we can impact? Especially a dear friend.

How many times Lord have we said no before we have prayed? Just going off of how we feel at the moment.

How many times Lord were we jealous of the blessing of another? Especially when our hearts desired the same gift and it effected another in the way I reacted.

I had to stop and think for a minute; am I truly living my life like Mary and being obedient to God when asked, especially in my friendships. Especially when I’m supposed to give grace.

I want to be like Mary and Elizabeth, offering help, offering support, and being in relation with another, helping each other through this journey. Grief is normally a journey that friends will part from, not enter into willingly. I’ve been witness so many times to friends ditching me because of how broken I was. They just couldn’t see past the cracked pot.

But for those who stayed, thank you. Thank you for being the kind of friend I needed, and the kind of friend I probably didn’t always deserve.

It is said that mercy is the greatest love, because it was what Jesus did for us on the Cross. Mercy enters into suffering, and loves the unloveable. Many times I felt unloveable, and rightfully so because I was so hurt and it showed. But I needed someone to pull me out of that suffering.

When we see someone suffering, we simply can’t just say wow that is sad. We have to do something to help that person, like pulling them out of it. We have to enter into the suffering with that grieving person so that they can work towards healing.

Mercy is when we pray with that grieving mom, or take a minute to check in. It’ saying I know you are struggling, but today we are going to spend the day together, and take her do things, especially to church. Mercy is when we reach out to someone when you see them struggling, and offer support, or just a listening ear. Do something, anything for them.

Being merciful has so many graces, and so many fruits. There are so many times I have been witness to the Yes that I gave to God unknowing of where this ministry would go, who would be touched, or if it would even be something that we could sustain. By the grace of God I said “Yes-blindly” because I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into. But time after time the fruits have been revealed, and I see God’s hand at work mightily.

Red Bird is going to come to life, and i can’t wait to see the conversions, the healing, the love poured out into all of you who are suffering.

I see his mighty hand when I read the cards that people send, and donations that are attached to words, of thank you so much for offering support to those who need it. I have listened to testimonies of hope and healing that I gave hope. It astounds me every time of the way that God is using me, a little unequipped cracked vessel, that He has poured into. He has poured grace abundantly and I don’t deserve it. But Jesus doesn’t give expecting anything in return, He just loves. Sometime I need a reminder of how to act, and of course when I’m struggling I always turn to Mary.

When I feel inadequate, she is who i run to, because I need to know how to be a grieving mother. Mary not only gets me in terms that she is a bereaved mother, but she is someone that I truly have relied on time after time again for intercession, for guidance, for understanding, she has become a source of my admiration, a friend, a confident in this journey toward healing. I ask her, Blessed Mother, how do I do this? How do I suffer and love, how do I hurt and smile, how do I continue on when I’m dragging my Cross. Mary, it’s so heavy.

She helps me, always. When I met the Blessed Mother, my healing journey truly began, because I found someone to look up to, someone I could relate to, someone who loved Jesus and God more than herself, and that was what I desired. She is the model to grief, and when I was ready she immolated an exquisite model of divine grace.

As we enter into Holy Week, may we all call to mind the incredible Yes that Mary gave, and the Yes that Christ gave to each of us.

Mary our beautiful Mother help us all to say Yes blindly to God, and to be obedient to where the Father is taking us.

If you let him, He will bless you. if you trustfully surrender to divine providence and allow Him to work miracles in your life. You will find healing and pure white light.

Kelly Breaux