Loving Through Loss Soiree’

join us for a night to celebrate the lives we loved and loss.


We created this fun social fundraising event called Loving Through Loss Soiree, so that families can come together and raise money for Red Bird Ministries in memory of their child. What better way to support your friends and loved ones, than to support these families by making a charitable contribution in their name.

Families who participate in fundraising, will create a fundraising memorial page. The administrator of the page does not have to be the parent, but someone who loves the family and wants to help support their grieving.

As a special thanks, we will be giving each family that participates and fundraises for Red Bird's program a special thank These families will receive 2 tickets into the event if they raise $500 tickets, and 4 tickets if they raise $1000.

For each family that raises money, we will place their child's photo in the program with a short bio as an honor and tribute to the life of your beloved child.

We can not do this alone, and need each and every one of your help.

Please help us make the mission come alive.

"For it's in giving that we receive." - St. Francis Assisi

Be sure to review the ways you can make an impact on the mission and please share this page with your family and friends.

Your involvement is critical to our success in supporting Red Bird Ministries.

Thank you again for your help, and support.

"Intense love does not measure, it just gives." - St. Teresa of Calcutta

Red Bird Ministries Core Team


The Sacred Heart of Jesus - The heart has always been seen as the "center" or essence a person ("the heart of the matter," "you are my heart," "take it to heart," etc.) and the wellspring of our emotional lives and love ("you break my heart," "my heart sings," etc.) Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is devotion to Jesus Christ Himself, but in the particular ways of meditating on his interior life and on His threefold love -- His divine love, His burning love that fed His human will, and His sensible love that affects His interior life.