Red Bird Ministries hosts workshop 2 to 3 times a year based on the need of the families throughout the Diocese of Lafayette. These workshops are designed for the couple. Leading the couples closer to Christ and closer to each other.

So many couples are suffering that haven't had the support that they need to face this pain, or the space to take their suffering to the foot of the cross. "Loving Through Loss" grief workshops will focus on the couple and the effects of grief on their marriage and family life, allowing them time and space to have the conversations they need to work through their individual and family grief.

We believe that the couple is effected the most intensely by the loss of their child, but it ripples out through the immediate family, all the way through their own communities.

Think of a couple you know that has experienced the loss of a child. Then think of the funeral home, and how many people were effected by the death of that one child.

For our family, when we loss Emma, over 1000 people came to support us over the course of those two days at the funeral home and funeral. Though the intensity of the death was on Ryan and I, we saw the ripples go out. That is the impact of one child's death on a family and the community.

Are we making an honest effort like Jesus, leaving the flock and going after that 1 loss sheep?


December 1, 2018 - Couples Grief Workshop - St. Pius X

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