Red Bird Ministries hosts a grieving couples workshop 2 to 3 times a year at St. Pius X Catholic Church in Lafayette, LA.

Our workshops are designed for grieving couples and lead by grieving couples. We partner like losses so that our families can find commonality and similarities in other families stories. Each couple will be able to listen to 2 families share their testimony of love, loss, and redemption including tips, and life lessons they learned through their grief journey.

The goal of the workshop is to allow our couples the time as couples to talk about their loss. We provide the questions and the space for couples to enter into the important and vital questions that each of us have found that was pivotal in moving forward towards healing.

At each workshop our families will have the opportunity to attend spiritual direction, and counseling if desired.

We welcome all families of loss to join us. Please register below.

We are here for you.

Come and let us love you through your loss.


December 1, 2018 - Couples Grief Workshop - St. Pius X

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