Red Bird Ministries

Red Bird Ministries is a Catholic grief support ministry for couples who have experienced the loss of a child.

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Our Mission

On September 10, 2006, we baptized our daughter, Emma Grace Breaux.  She died exactly three years later on September 10, 2009, joining her twin brother, Talon, in heaven whom we lost at fifteen days old. These events changed my life.  Through my suffering, my first divine vocation of motherhood gave birth to Red Bird Ministries. 

Through personally experiencing the loss of a child and through our own suffering, we share in this same thirst of bringing those who suffer back to the light and to the Lord.  Therefore, we look to Mother Teresa (patroness of Red Bird Ministries) for passion and inspiration to serve those who are suffering, specifically through the loss of a child.

On September 10, 1946, Mother Teresa, boarded a train while heading to her annual retreat.  Upon leaving Calcutta, she heard the voice of God inspiring her to begin a mission of charity, known as her “call within the call.”  On that day, Jesus’ love and thirst for souls took hold of her heart, and the desire to satiate His thirst became the driving force of her life. 

Mother Teresa then adopted a fourth vow stating:  “Chastity, Poverty, and Obedience. I would like to include a fourth vow. To give hope to those who have lost it, and to recognize the face of the Lord in those who suffer. This is our vocation.” 

 We invite you to share in the mission of our ministry.  

St. Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us.  

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on us.

In Him,

Ryan and Kelly Breaux



What are we working on?

We are currently creating a grief support video/workbook mentor based-program for parents who have experienced the loss of a child of any age and any circumstance. This includes miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss, child loss, and the loss of an adult child.

This program will provide grief support mentorship to both the mentor couple and the couple new to Red Bird Ministries.  

Through mentorship, we are seeking to touch an area of grief that no other program has touched, either secularly or faith based, by walking side-by-side with our grieving parents .

Grieving parents understand the dire need of a ministry like Red Bird to exist. A ministry such as Red Bird is critical to our healing by offering light to those who feel like they are walking alone in total darkness.

Our families need people and community to navigate the tidal waves of grief and the ocean of emotions that come long after the initial storm.

Tackling the taboo of child loss, and the judgements made of those who are suffering, we share our real stories. Through this, we help couples understand that what they are experiencing is a normal reaction to their child’s death.

Families helping families, and loving each other through loss, has been a beautiful witness to God’s divine healing and supernatural grace.


Our Vision

Our vision lies in the image of the couple. Through the experience of serving others through our own losses, our core team has identified that although each person grieves differently, it is vital that couples learn how to grieve together.

Grief can cause distance within a marriage if the couple does not know how to love each other through their loss.

Red Bird Ministries offers bereaved couples the tools to face each new “first” together.

Of the numerous support groups available, regardless of the area of grief, the one common factor is husbands/men usually do not attend. Mothers/women are left to face their grief alone, and after failed attempts to find healing, will often stop attending, as well.

There is something comforting and renewing about having your spouse, your support system, with you when facing this tragedy. Something powerful happens when the couples learn how to grieve together. This is why Red Bird Ministries seeks to bring healing to the couple, rather than the individual.



How can I get help?

To become part of the Red Bird family is simple: Contact Red Bird Ministries for support via our contact page.

Based on your type of loss and area of location, a mentor couple will be assigned to your family, ensuring a community is formed that can be withheld.

After an initial meeting or intake session with Red Bird Ministries, you are able to decide if you wish to pursue the program. Support sessions are then held in the home of either the mentor couple, or the couple new to Red Bird.

The mentor couple will also invite the couple to the many events Red Bird has to offer, providing plenty of opportunities for the families to work towards healing together.


The hardest event a couple can face during their life and marriage is the death of their child.

Red Bird Ministries will go into the trenches…into the unthinkable…with you.


Today’s families
need our help.

"For 18 years, I never felt like I was going to be okay, and I told my husband when I walked out of the workshop that day, we are going to be okay."  
Parishioner of St. Pius X, Lafayette, LA

"I thought that I was okay for a long time, but I realized after the workshop that I had stopped talking to God."
Parishioner at St. Bernard, Breaux Bridge, LA

"My wife and I needed this workshop so much, thank you for opening up your hearts and sharing your loss with us."
- Anonymous

"I have been sitting back and watching Red Bird this past year, and I think Red Bird is a sleeping giant in our Church."
Core Team member on Red Bird

"I went to adoration today, and Jesus told me that Red Bird is the light. I don't know what it means, but I tell everyone be the light of Christ and I think Jesus is telling me that Red Bird is bringing the light to those who are suffering through their loss."
Volunteer for Red Bird

Suffering has to come because if you look at the cross, He has got his head bending down. He wants to kiss you. And he has both hands open wide. He wants to embrace you. He has his heart open wide to receive you. Then when you feel miserable inside, look at the cross, and you will know what’s happening. Suffering, pain, sorrow, humiliation, feelings of loneliness are nothing but the kiss of Jesus, a sign that you have come so close that He can kiss you. Suffering is a gift from God. It is between you and Jesus alone inside.
— Saint Teresa of Calcutta


make a change.

Currently we are creating a program for families to journey towards healing with a mentor couple.

We are in need of funds to help us bring this program to life. Please consider donating now.