Success Stories

experiencing red bird ministries is like switching on the lights in a dark barn. i can finally see. - anonymous


1. grant and nicky pecoraro.


My sweet baby boy….

“for 18 years, i never felt like i was going to be okay, and when we left the red bird workshop, i turned to grant and told him. We are going to be okay.”

— Nicky Pecoraro

The Pecoraro’s

The Pecoraro’s


2. ben and joy boudreaux.


Here is your description of this project.  Nu

“i thought i was okay after ella died, but the week after the red bird workshop, i realized i had stopped talking to God.”

— Joy Boudreaux

The Boudreaux’s

The Boudreaux’s


3. mark and kristen dunbar.


Here is your description of this project. 

“after teresa died, i quit singing. then i realized after learning about red bird and desiring for a ministry like this to exist, that “A bird does not sing because it has an answer.  It sings because it has a song.”

— Kristen Dunbar


The Dunbar’s

The Dunbar’s